A Fine Restaurant Management System to Complement Your Fine Dining Experience

Automate your Restaurant Workflow, simplify operations, and enhance customer experience, all from a single place. QPOS is the Next generation restaurant management system designed to make things easy for you. Table management & billing, online orders, recipe control; everything is faster & better now.

Key Features of QPOS Restaurant Management Software
restaurant management system
Customer Data & Insights

QPOS captures key customer information, preferences, sales data, and more to offer personalized experience and promotions. Learn More

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Online Delivery Simplified

Easily manage all your orders from Swiggy, Dunzo, Zomato, and others directly from the easy-to-use interface of your restaurant order management system. Learn More

restaurant management system
Quality & Consistency every time

Ensure consistent taste, quality, and cost of raw ingredients by configuring BOM Items for your restaurant easily with QPOS. Learn More

restaurant management system
Multi-kitchen KOT Management

Synchronize all your kitchens with simple KOT configuration to ensure smooth and quick order preparation with our restaurant inventory management software. Learn More

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Track Wastage for Improved Profitability

Identify sunk costs and manage your inventory better by tracking wastage, raw materials dumped, and disposed because of damages and expiry. Learn More

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Build Customer Loyalty

QPOS restaurant management software comes with a built-in comprehensive loyalty program to give your customers a motivation to visit again and again. Learn More

restaurant management system
Advanced Table Management

QPOS offers easy table controls like managing individual table orders, shifting, merging, and adding tables, and oversee efficient table utilization. Learn More

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Offer the Option to Split the Bill

Offer your patrons freedom from tedious bill split calculations with features to split their check based on percentage or items they ordered. Learn More

Comprehensive Solutions for All Restaurant Types

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Effortless Attendance and Payroll Management

QPOS Attendance module makes staff login and logout easier to track and manage, providing essential data like work hours, days off, etc, for easy payroll.

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Distinct Log-ins Based on Business Roles

Assign system log-ins for different café/bakery operators like cashiers and managers, with role restricted access to reports, operations, configurations etc.

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Diverse Hardware for a Versatile POS System

Find the right POS hardware suiting your business requirements – weighting scale for sweet shops, barcode scanner for bakery/cafe, cash drawer, receipt printer and more.

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Auditor Module for Total Compliance

QPOS Auditor module allows you to give your enterprise auditors total accessibility and a transparent view of inventory, sales, and operations.

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Simplified Vendor Engagement

New age café, bakery, sweet shop, or restaurant management software that makes managing vendors, placing orders, and processing invoices easier with cloud.

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Strategic Insights at Your Fingertips

Get key data about your sales, customer engagement, specific items performance and more for smarter business insights to execute strategic promotions.

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Versatile EDC Payment Support

Maximize your revenue by offering all new age payment options to your customers, without worrying about exhausting data recording and accounting.

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Real Time Cloud Backup & Accessibility

Get all store data at your fingertips and ensure zero data loss, with real-time cloud backup of all your transactions and operations easily via your POS.

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Remote Configuration of Restaurants Management Software

Cloud Management App gives you the power to configure your Restaurants remotely starting with Items, Prices, Discounts, Promotions among others.


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