In the post-pandemic world, restaurants are competing with never-seen-before enthusiasm and energy. Maintaining hygiene and serving delicious food is imperative to stay in the loop. 

Hygiene has become an integral part of our day-to-day life after the outbreak of COVID 19. To keep up the hygiene, every restaurateur must make sure all the departments in the restaurant are following the sanitary guidelines along with serving tasty food. 

Staff maintaining personal hygiene.        

Clean and tidy restaurant premises will attract the customers and increase the customer footfalls. Adding to this, every staff must take care of personal hygiene. Uncut dirty fingernails, nail polish, untidy uniforms, long and bulky hair can be the reason for losing the customer’s trust. Every staff should adhere to clean clothing, proper gloves, hairnets, and other safety and hygienic tools important for overall hygiene management. And the hygienic staff are the backbones of a restaurant. So, the restaurant managing team must take care of the staff’s hygiene.

Benefits of maintaining personal hygiene.
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Reduces health problems in employees
  • Keeps the surroundings clean and hygienic

Regular Inspection

The restaurant owner or manager must inspect every nook and cranny daily to ensure the kitchen and dining areas are hygienic. Otherwise, unhygienic restaurant premises will create hate in customers. They will never choose your restaurant, and the negativity would spread like wildfire from one person to another through word-of-mouth.

Benefits of regular inspection

  • Can ensure all employees are following food and safety guidelines
  • Detects any potential health code violations before it leads to an epidemic outbreak
  • Impress your health inspector
  • Can ensure your restaurant is completely clean

Kitchen deep cleaning

Reducing unwanted use of equipments and appliances can help keep up the hygiene in the restaurant kitchen. Assign a housekeeping team to make sure the sanitisation in the kitchen. And inform them to clean countertops, surfaces, appliances, sinks and taps, and the storage area. Only a clean and hygienic kitchen can serve authentic food. 

Benefits of deep cleaning

  • Minimises the spread of epidemics
  • Increase the overall hygiene
  • Reduces the spread of food-borne diseases
  • Keeps equipment working correctly
  • Improves employee’s mood and efficiency
  • Reduces the number of menacing pests
  • Increase the confidence of your customer

Proper Ventilation

The smell, heat, and moisture can make difficulties in customers and staff. And it also plays an integral role in maintaining the hygiene standards in restaurants. Ensuring proper ventilation is imperative for the safe preparation of food and employees’ health.

Benefits of proper ventilation

Reduction of odours

When the production of food increases, the amount of odour will also increase rapidly. The odour of cooked, over-cooked, burned food and the smell of raw materials on the kitchen counters will ruin the restaurant mood. To help your staff to breathe fresh air, should install proper ventilation.

Removal of grease

Grease is another common problem in a restaurant kitchen that can coat the walls and ceilings. To eradicate the grease from the air and off the surface, restaurateurs must use proper ventilation.


The kitchen premises will be filled with scorching heat with continuously working stoves and ovens. To get rid of this, proper ventilation is a must.

Enhances the air quality

The kitchen is the place for airborne contaminants. The burning fuel can produce harmful carbon monoxide, leading to dangerous situations. A proper ventilation system can help prevent this and make high air quality.

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