The pandemic has played a big part in changing the way we eat. More convenience, less fuss. Right from herbal teas to plant-based meat, people are trying out something new instead of having Biryani and dosa all the time. 

Let’s have a look at some of the trending flavour options we have in the food industry.


Nowadays, having plant-based meat is plan A. People are shifting their interest into vegan food rather than having a core. As they turn vegan, more people are swapping out the meat protein in their plates for cleaner, plant-based options. For those doing this, a great transition food has become ‘plant-based meat’. And with affordable, ready-to-cook options now increasingly available, this trend is now picking up both in restaurants and cafés and amongst those cooking at home. 


Shell-less Tacos are famous among foodies now. Gone are the days having Tacos meant consuming more carbs. These shell-less tacos are gluten-free and consist of lettuce, kale, or spinach shells. These shell-less tacos will give you a healthy and refreshing way of living this year.


The demand for herbal teas will increase in the coming years. The herbal may have a rise of 6% from 2021 to 2028.  Herbal Teas are soothing and loaded with health benefits like immunity-boosting properties, antioxidants and anti-ageing. The demand for herbal teas is not a new one. But green tea, chamomile and matcha are expected to see a surge in consumption this year.  


British supermarket chain Waitrose released a report saying that Potato milk will be the main alternative dairy drink.  While alternative non-dairy products like almond and oat kinds of milk continue to be popular – the latest option is potato milk. This milk option is unheard of and delicious; By discussing with your culinary expert, you can create something delicious and healthy with this potato milk.


A growing interest in Korean pop cultures such as Korean pop music and Korean TV shows and movies among people around the world has undoubtedly contributed to the growth of Korean cuisine. However, diners are also seeking exciting new culinary experiences and on-trend flavours.

The new society is inclined towards new and peculiar flavours. Let’s include these trendy flavours in your menu if you have plans to attract the Z gen who are more concerned with health.  


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