Cloud POS For Restaurants

Cloud POS For Restaurants To Scale Up From 1 To 100 Stores

A single restaurant with an owner at the counter is the typical model in which a restaurant worked two decades ago.  The owner himself was available to take care of everything regarding expenditure, profit & loss management, etc. But expanding the business had always been a challenge due to malpractices when multiple hands are involved. That’s when a cashier’s role came into account for the profit & loss management with pen and paper. It slowly started to transition from a family-run business to an organised sector. 

 Expansion – Unavoidable: 

Today we are in an era where expansion is unavoidable if the demand for your business is solid. It continues to increase drastically with the franchisor model kicking in. But with today’s setup of restaurants, technical feasibility is something to be looked at very closely. 

Existing model – Incapable: 

Rakesh, running his restaurant business in 10 different locations, says that the data is critical to making informed decisions and access to them is vital. It cannot be like visiting every place individually, manually checking the reports from POS systems daily or weekly. Asking the workers to send the report and reviewing it one by one makes it nearly impossible to arrive at an informed decision. 

 The restaurateur focuses on managing the POS reports rather than providing quality food, service, and hospitality to his customers. This is an apparent deviation from the original objective of giving hospitality as a service to the customer. Here our could pos for restaurant plays a big role.

Expand in ease with Cloud POS for Restaurant: 

The growth/expansion is a vital area where significant players fail to influence the restaurant owners. The influence here doesn’t mean you have to convince restaurateurs to invest in something they don’t need. It means, educate the restaurateurs on the significance of cloud POS and its ease in scaling up the business. 

 It will be a fascinating experience to have 100 restaurants across India, including the franchise outlets, and still manage each activity of those restaurants sitting in one place like a control room. 

Power of QPOS: 

This is what QPOS – Point-Of-Sale solution with cloud POS for restaurant infrastructure is capable of doing. It is a one-stop solution for someone who has a vision for expansion, not limited to boundaries like city, state, country, etc. 

Single control system to run the business all across the globe with 100% visibility of what’s happening on the restaurants to an extent where the restaurateur knows which promotional campaign is running on which part of the world and what is the response for the same. 

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