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5 Best POS Software features for quick-service restaurants

Traditionally, billing counters have been the powerhouse of any business. As the market evolved, the point of sale has become even important for any café, bakery or restaurant.

The modern day POS systems are designed to utilize the full potential of your restaurant’s counter. Here are 5 incredibly useful features of dependable quick service restaurant POS software that can help make your QSR brand streamlined and more profitable:

  1. Hassle-free Billing & Beyond

It is a great feeling to have the billing machine buzzing with transactions nonstop. But traditional billing systems are often unable to keep up with the heavy customer traffic on busy days. A robust and easy to use quick service restaurant POS enables quick billing, making frustrating waiting lines at the counter a thing of the past.

With a well laid out menu and hassle free billing, you can also easily capture order type and payment modes, streamlining your orders automatically.

  1. Online Aggregators Integration

In the post COVID world, online orders and deliveries via aggregators have become the primary source of revenue for most QSR enterprises.  Having a one stop quick service POS system with seamless integration of online aggregators is an essential investment for your business.

Smartly created QSR POS software will enable you to manage all your online orders from Swiggy, Zomato, and others in one place. You can create custom menus, add/remove items in real time, and set prices easily.

  1. Effortless Store & Inventory Management

Running a quick serve restaurant means donning a number of hats every day. From managing the staff to sourcing best quality ingredients and continuously engaging with your customers, the tasks are endless. A dependable and functional quick service restaurant software like QPOS can help streamline your store operations. Most importantly, it can make inventory management effortless.

You can track your stock, manage all your vendors, raise purchase orders, create BOMs, track expiry of items, and so much more right from the screen of your quick service restaurant POS software.

  1. Smart CRM & Business Insights

 The latest technology quick service POS software available today come with integrated algorithms to capture customer interactions and turn them into meaningful insights. From customer data like name, contact details and more, to creating targeted marketing campaigns and push notifications; the growth potential offered by QSR POS software is endless.

  1. Cementing Loyalty with Personalized Customer Experience

With a future ready quick service POS system like QPOS, you can make your customers feel like a part of the brand, thus fostering and rewarding loyalty. Your quick service POS software can create unique customer accounts, configure and track loyalty points, enable quick redemption, and create exclusive promotions to keep your customers coming back.

Now you know what you’re missing out on by not investing in a robust and all-round quick service restaurant POS software system. Explore QPOS and accelerate your QSR’s growth exponentially.

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