“Life is the flower for which love is the honey” is a beautiful quote by one of the best-known and legendary French writers Victor Hugo. Yeah! One more Valentine’s season is around the corner. Our minds and hearts will be filled with the flavours of unconditional love. Unlike other extravagant festivals, this is a prime business season for restaurant owners that there will be an influx of customers to restaurants.  

Let’s have a look at some of the creative ideas to grow your business this Valentine’s season.

Lovey-dovey interiors

Creating an environment for couples to share their lovely moments is paramount nowadays. When a couple walks into your restaurant, the first thing that entices their eyes should be the gorgeous interiors.

Make love as the theme of decoration. Arrange rounded tables and décor it with red table mats, crystal vases, aromatic candles, and a bouquet of rose flowers. Play an enjoyable classic romantic hit and let couples groove to its beats.  Take off unwanted base lights and arrange moody, yellowish lights to enhance the romantic mood. Interesting Valentine’s Day decoration ideas for restaurants are also there on the internet.

 A menu made with love

Let flavours of love reverberate this Valentine’s Season.  Create an attractive menu that instils love in customers’ hearts.  Please give it a romantic name. For instance, “Love Letter”.  Add Valentine’s Day unique dishes with the help of your chef and put a love-worthy name to each dish.

Offers that attracts

Create attractive offers and benefits for couples and promote them during the pre-valentine season. Because a group of restaurants will be there, the couples will get confused about choosing one. There, attractive offers help increase more couple footfalls to your restaurant.  

Provide offers like “Come with your valentine and get 50% discount on your actual bill.”  Like this, you can plan out-of-the-box offers that will help your restaurant business achieve customer delight and profit on this Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Candlelight dinner

Arrange a sweet romantic candlelight dinner in a private space with a soothing ambience.  And it will help the couple enjoy their lovely moments without any bustles. If your restaurant is on the rooftop, arrange the tables for candlelight dinners beside the glass walls. It will help enhance the romantic mood.

Steal the show with activities and games

 Walk-in. Eat. Walk-out. You must break this bland vanilla idea of how a restaurant works, at least for the day. Include some captivating activities and events that will propel the feel of Valentine’s Day.  

Assign an anchor who can engage customers time and again. Plan some out-of-the-box games like understanding your partner’s likes, memorizing special moments, and so on.

Place an engaging selfie kiosk on the floor so that couples can take selfies, and it will directly or indirectly attract them to your restaurant. Plan some tattoo and music sessions to uplift the lovey-dovey mood.

Hassle-free ambience

To impress couples on this Valentine’s, you must keep a buzzing ambience that won’t bust their beautiful moments. The clanging of plates, loud chatters, commands, long queues will ruin the mellifluous air.  And flaws in managing tables, taking orders, updating will put customers in a plunge.

To get rid of these errors, use a POS system that can help ease your restaurant operations effortlessly.

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