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How the Delivery Apps Integration Module in QPOS helps Restaurants?

Restaurants are the ones most affected due to the pandemic. COVID has forced restaurants to adopt many digital ordering apps for survival. There are a plethora of delivery app options such as Swiggy and Zomato that are available for consumers with the QR code Ordering Apps like QuGo becoming widely popular as well. 

However, all these individual delivery apps have their own versions on the Merchant side (let us call them Merchant Apps). At busy times, logging into each one of these merchant apps on their mobile phones or POS terminals to check for the order notifications and switching between them would be a problem.

And, why is it a problem?

  • Firstly, the dine-in customers become unhappy as the merchant is busy with the online orders. Also, if there is a delay in processing the online orders, it leads to a dissatisfied customer. All these happen without an easy restaurant management system
  • Secondly, there is confusion while merging the end-of-day sales report due to orders from different sources. This activity of generating data as a consolidated report of POS and Online Orders affects productivity as it takes time.  
  • Lastly, the more apps you have, the more training you need to handle them. Any new personnel at the counter will have to spend days to familiarize themselves with the applications.

So, what’s the Solution?

Introducing QPOS, a single solution for merchants that views all the Online Orders in one place. No new user interfaces, no switching windows on your Mobile and/or POS, and no more anxiety of missing out on orders online.

What’s Different about QPOS?

  1. QPOS is integrated with every Delivery App in India – Swiggy, Zomato, and Uber Eats among others. 
  2. A merchant can now add, edit, enable/disable items, and change prices within QPOS. The solution is also an easy-to-use restaurant management system making the processes much more streamlined.  
  3. Besides the Delivery Platforms, QPOS has been integrated with QuGo – a QR code-based Contactless Ordering App for safe dining. All the orders flow into QPOS seamlessly.
  4. QPOS provides a single view of all the Online orders from different Delivery Platforms and subsequently notifies the personnel whenever online orders are coming in. Just tap on the notification to view and manage all the orders.
  5. QPOS provides platform-wise details of performance analysis and a consolidated report that saves valuable time. 

Finally, the QPOS with Delivery App Integration Module is evolving to become a best-in-class Restaurant Management Solution in India

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