Welcome to Khadya Khurak 2021!

Explore the next-gen technology and trends.

Hello, restaurateurs! Don’t miss the chance to participate in one of India’s prestigious food festivals.

Khadhya Khurak is round the corner with its 18th edition from 19th-22nd December, 2021, in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. QPOS is highly excited to participate in this event and showcase its products and services.

Khadya Khurak – The Wonderland.      

It is a prestigious Food and Hospitality event curated to showcase the current trends and technological advancements in the Food and Hospitality industry across India.

Khadhya Khurak has gained immense success for more than a decade now, and the exhibition has managed to achieve a footfall of more than a million attendees every year. 5000+ brands showcase their products and services, and the event is running with support from reputed regulatory authorities like FSSAI and the Government of Gujarat.

Come, witness the wonders!     

The high point of the Khadhya Khurak event is the industry exposure it provides to the budding restaurateurs and food-business owners in the country. Many brands participate in this event to showcase their latest products, technology, and services that help the restaurant and food industry.

The Brainchild of Prakash Mehta.

Khadya Khurak was the brainchild of Mr Prakash Mehta, a marquee name in the Food Processing Industry. It was started in 2000 as a Gujarati publication to spread necessary awareness among the people involved in the Food industry.

In 2006, the group reached India’s readers by starting its Hindi Edition called ‘Khurak‘. The magazine quickly rose to great popularity and saw widespread subscriptions from business people across Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

Khadhya Khurak exhibition grew manifold over the years by catering to trends prevalent in the F&B industry and helping many upscale businesses. After seven successful shows, in 2010, Mr Himachal Mehta started the English edition ‘Food In Toto’ to provide insights to the Indian businessmen of the food processing industry settled in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

In 2019, continuing with the vision of their founder to showcase the prowess of the Indian Food Industry and our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi of having Digital India, Mr Himachal Mehta launched the initiative- ‘Food of India‘. It is a digital platform to support Food Processing and other affiliated industries.

Khadhya Khurak continues to host its annual exhibition in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Participants and attendees gather in considerable numbers to understand the growing scope of the Food and Hospitality industry in the country.

Visit QPOS stall at Khadya Khurak 2021!   

QPOS is thrilled to participate at Khadhya Khurak. We display our latest product technologies and services, which help make your restaurant management more efficient.

Managing a restaurant is not as easy as falling off a log. Every eatery owner should possess some juggling skills to keep things on track. Therefore, restaurateurs need an efficient software solution to manage the restaurant effortlessly. Here, QPOS helps restaurateurs.  It is a next-generation restaurant POS and management system that helps entrepreneurs in the eatery industry achieve higher profits, maximum productivity, and customer satisfaction.

The QPOS Advantages
  • Efficient table management
  • Easy online order integration
  • Effortless integration with external payment providers

        And many more!

        Visit qpos.co.in to know more about the QPOS range of POS products.

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